5 Office Fruit Snacks the Savoury Way 

Do your office fruit habits need a makeover? Eating the same thing everyday can grow tiresome no matter how fresh and delicious it may be. If you bring fruit to work every day, or your employer provides fresh fruit for the office then you might be interested in mixing it up a little. 


For me it’s all about a savoury intervention. Fruit is not just a healthy replacement for workplace goodies such as biscuits and cakes. It is far more versatile than that with sweet and unique flavours that set off savoury snacks beautifully. 


With that in mind, I’d like to share my favourite savoury office fruit snacks ideas. I hope they inspire some experimentation and would love to get some feedback if you try them- pun intended! 



1. Strawberries & Goat Cheese


Surprised? Sounds like an unlikely pairing right? But trust me on this, strawberries and goat cheese is a taste sensation. 


It’s a quick and easy office fruit snack to prepare. Cut some juicy strawberries in half and smear over goat cheese. A twist of black pepper if you have it is an extra pop.  They are absolutely delicious by themselves. However, if you want to add a bit of bulk pop it on top of some crusty white bread. If there is a spare heel hanging around there’s no better filler than strawberries and goat cheese! 


This is particularly good in the summer months when Irish strawberries are in season. You just can’t beat them. 



2. Sliced Apple & Nut Butter


I’m definitely guilty of jumping on the premium nut butter trend. But I’m also proud to say that I was an original peanut butter kid. So when it comes to smearing nut butter over apple slices I really don’t mind whether it is almond butter or good old peanut butter. They are both equally nutty creamy yummy and marry delightfully with the sharp tart sweetness of green apple slices. 


You can buy premium nut butters in the supermarket, but I personally find them a bit pricey. So, I like to make my own. Honestly, the first time I made peanut butter I felt like I had discovered a new land. It is so easy. 


If you have a good quality food processor here is what you need to do. Put your peanuts or your almonds into the blender. Press on. Leave for a few minutes. Ta da!  That’s it! There are zero other ingredients and the nut butter you make tastes exactly the same as what you can buy!  


Nut butter keeps well in the fridge so make a batch at home and bring it into the office. Just be careful your co-workers don’t help themselves before you do! 



3. Parma Ham & Nectarine rolls


Another savoury office fruit snack that is ideal in summer. Nectarines might just be the juiciest of fruits. For me they are sunshine in a bite. Pair their sweet juice with the lightness and salty flavour of parma ham and you are in for a really tantalising treat. 


I have played around with this combo for ears and can give you the very fast option and then a slightly less fast one. For a very quick office fruit snack cut pieces of nectarine and roll them in parma ham. 


With an extra minute you can enhance the parcel by dipping the nectarine in balsamic vinegar and adding some ricotta cheese and a leaf of mint before rolling in the ham. It is a gift of flavour!



4. Avocado stuffed with mango, coconut & basil


Avocados are the food hero of the 21st century so it is only right that theymake it onto the savoury office fruit snacks list! To be fair they are also a very practical fruit to eat in the office as they essentially work as a bowl.


There are heaps of ways to stuff avocados, one as good as the next. But my recipe has a tropical twist.  Let’s face it, this is sometimes required on a run of the mill workday. 


 Scoop out some avocado form the centre and mix with chopped mango, dried coconut and fresh basil before replacing inside the avocado. A drizzle of honey if you fancy it is no harm either.  Scrumptious! 



5. Blueberries & Cottage Cheese



Blueberries are showing up all over the place. Last week I had blueberries on a pizza and you often see them served as part of a superfood salad on health food menus. Regardless of how you do it, getting blueberries into your daily diet is a massive win. 



Cottage cheese is the lowest calorie cheese you can eat and so is always a hit with slimmers. This recipe is tasty, filling and very nutritious. Best of all, it is super quick and easy to say as an office snack. All you need to do is add some blueberries onto cottage cheese, sprinkle over some chia seeds and if you wish a few chopped nuts.



So there you have it 5 Office fruit snacks the savoury way. I would love to hear your suggestions, so if you have any tasty ideas you’d like to share please do so in the comments below. I vow to test every idea put forward!


Fruity Regards, 


Paul - the NudieFoods Guy