5 Reasons Why You Should Be A Banana Man (or Woman)

I’ve been delivering fruit to offices in Dublin for over five years now and before that I cut my teeth working for Keelings Fruit. Often when I meet new people and tell them I’m in the fruit trade I get asked what my favourite fruit is. If I were to say I’m in banking I’m not sure the question of my favourite type of account or lending would be raised. But, for some reason fruit provokes an immediate demand for my personal preference. That’s fine by me - because in spite of the many varieties of fruits I have available to me I do indeed have a favourite. 

I’m a banana man. Not THE banana man unfortunately, but I certainly subscribe to his choice of super hero energy fuel. For me, the banana is the gift that keeps on giving. In honour of my noble yellow friend I‘ve condensed my appreciation into a top list of why you too should be a banana man or woman. 

1.  Bananas are the perfect healthy snack. As well as being delicious they are properly filling. If there’s a fruit that’s going to get you from breakfast to lunch or lunch to dinner then bets on it’s the banana bridge. 

2.  Bananas are perfectly portable and convenient. Whoever designed the packaging of the banana is a genius. Sturdy enough to withhold any amount of gym bag abuse or DART/LUAS scrum yet so very easy and quick to open. Surely this is why bananas are the fruit of choice for professional tennis players? You can’t put a peach in with your tennis whites and there’s not enough time to peel an orange between games. 

3.  Of course nutrition might have something to do with the tennis thing too. There is real science to support the status of the banana as a super hero energy source. Bananas have Potassium a’Plenty, which is an essential mineral crucial for keeping the brain, nerves, and heart in tip-top condition. 

4. You can hold a banana to your ear and pretend it’s a phone. 

5.  Bananas are great in a sandwich - you just can’t say that about gapes or kiwis.  I don’t know whether this is just an Irish thing or not, but I was practically raised on banana sandwiches. Also - banana on toast, a staple. It’s sweet flavour teamed with salty Irish butter is a majesty. 

I could go on, because I haven’t even mentioned Banoffe. Or. those classic banana penny sweets, which I know don’t really count - but still, the flavour. 

 I guess when it comes down to brass tax it’s the deliciously unique naturally sweet taste of the banana that makes it such a super fruit. The five bandanna bonuses I’ve listed above are what elevate it to a super hero fruit. 



Paul Hughes